Brazil, France, Portugal


Sérgio Tréfaut

Alentejo, Portugal, 1950. In a desolate region, where the wind seems to speak, where misery and hunger reign over poorest, a desperate man takes his revenge on those who caused his ruin during the darkest night, unable to get honestly the bread needed to feed his family in the daylight.

Isabel Ruth, Leonor Silveira, Hugo Bentes, Kaio César, Rita Cabaço, Adriano Luz, Lia Gama, Diogo Dória, Dinis Gomes, Catarina Wallenstein, Marília Villaverde Cabral, José Pinto, Pedro Gabriel Marques, Sergi López, Luís Miguel Cintra, Chico Chapas, João Pedro Bénard, Américo Silva, Herman José, Rogério Samora, Catarina Santos

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