The Paper Brigade

Belgium, France, Lithuania

"La Brigade des papiers"

Diane Perelsztejn

Lithuania, 1941, during World War II. Hundreds of thousands of texts on Jewish culture, stolen by the Germans, are gathered in Vilnius to be classified, either to be stored or to be destroyed. A group of Jewish scholars and writers, commissioned by the invaders to carry out the sorting operations, but reluctant to collaborate and determined to save their legacy, hide many books in the ghetto where they are confined. This is the epic story of the Paper Brigade.

Dominique Lévy, Eva Mattes, Samuel Bak, Bernard Suchecky, Yonat Rotbein, Youval Louria, David E. Fishman, Hadas Kalderon, Liliana Cordova Kaczerginski, Alexander Tamir, Itzik N. Gottesman, Sam Norich, Abraham Sutzkever, Avram Zeleznikow, Shmerke Kaczerginski, Zelig Hirsch Kalmanovich

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