Cross My Heart


"Les rois mongols"

Luc Picard

12-year old Manon promises her younger brother, Mimi, that they will stay together, despite their difficult family circumstances and the ominous signs of being put into foster care. During the height of Quebec's FLQ Crisis in 1970, they stage their own rebellion by kidnapping an elderly woman and hiding her in the country, aided by their two cousins.

Milya Corbeil-Gauvreau, Henri Picard, Anthony Bouchard, Alexis Guay, Clare Coulter, Julie Ménard, Maude Laurendeau, Jean-François Boudreau, Martin Desgagné, Sophie Cadieux, Bobby Beshro, Nicola-Frank Vachon, Emmanuel Charest, Gary Boudreault, Gabriel Lemire, Alexane Jamieson

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