The Bohemian

Czechia, Italy, Slovakia

"Il Boemo"

Petr Václav
  • Friday, October 13, 2023 4:00 PM
  • Saturday, October 14, 2023 3:30 PM

The year is 1764. For over a year, Josef has been leading a precarious life in Venice. He hopes to become an opera composer. The city, full of talented and already-established composers, seems closed to him. Looking for work as a violinist, he comes into the orbit of a rich young woman. Thanks to her, he gets the opportunity to play at salons. But his real opportunity arises when he becomes the lover of a libertine marquise. She teaches him worldly manners, rids him of signs of a provincial upbringing and introduces him to a hedonistic existence free from religious intolerance. Thus transformed, Josef gets an incan incredible commission: to write an opera for the San Carlo, Europe's largest theatre.

Vojtěch Dyk, Elena Radonicich, Barbara Ronchi, Lana Vlady, Diego Pagotto, Philip Hahn, Salvatore Langella, Karel Roden, Zdeněk Godla, Philippe Jaroussky, Emőke Baráth, Juan Sancho, Simona Šaturová, Krystian Adam, Giulia Semenzato, Sophie Harmsen, Benno Schachtner, Raffaella Milanesi, Lino Musella, Mirko Ciccariello, Pietro Tammaro, Federica Vecchio, Dario Lubatti, Chiara Celotto, Antonio De Matteo, Alberto Cracco, Martina Babišová, Cristiano Donati, Salvatore Langella, Lenka Vlasáková

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