William the Conqueror


"Guillaume le Conquérant"

Frédéric Compain

England, 11th century. William the Conqueror (ca. 1027-1087) wins the Battle of Hastings (1066), changing the shape of medieval Europe and the course of English history. An account of the life of the extraordinary Norman warrior who became king.

Féodor Atkine, Vincent Deniard, Eric Challier, Géraldine Martineau, Tercelin Kirtley, Eric Bougnon, François-David Cardonnel, Laurent Cottel, Alexandre Zambeaux, Alice Déal, Genti Kame, Edward Akrout, Yohann Chopin, Xavier Hosten, Fabrice Josso, Olivier Hémon, François Roy, Jacques Dubuisson, Patrick Albenque, Chloé Hollings, Pierre Bouet, Edward Impey, François Neveux, Lindy Grant

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